In Conversation: Benjamin, founder of Radiooooo

A friend recently told me about Radioooo, an online radio station where you select a year, and a country and listen to historical delights. I instantly became fascinated with the app, waltzing through the streets of Brooklyn watching people take selfies on a Friday night, whilst listening to 1920s music from Germany felt quite dystopian. Forever curious, I contacted Benjamin to discover more about the platform, and the story behind Radiooooo.

Tell me about Radiooooo – how did it all begin? It was all about sharing musical gems we had with a bunch of friends. I always been a science fiction and history nerd, so, making a time machine was a goal for me.

Why did you think Radiooooo was needed? – what makes it different to other music platforms? Because it’s difficult to find good music out of the big market. Because you don’t know that foreign countries produce outstanding records. Because you are 2 clicks away from discoveries that will change your musical culture 🙂

Where does the name come from? Why 5 ‘O’s’ ? You can type to whatever the number of « O» you decide! I wanted that this word « radio » was attached to our site cause it works like that, it is a flow of music, you don’t have to search as on streaming websites.

Can anyone upload tracks? Sure! but there is a selection at the entrance…

For people that are unfamiliar with Radiooooo, how does it work? Choose a country on the map, select a decade from 1900 to today, and just enjoy the beauties of the world.

What’s your favorite recent discovery? The Mexican contemporary electro musical scene that pops so much!

How does the site work in terms of licensing? We are considered as a French based webradio.

If you went into a time machine, where would you go to and why? Maybe in the swinging 20s. You can feel that something cool and fun were in the air at this time 🙂 !!

What are your future plans for Radiooooo? A loooooot o things! At this time we work on a physical machine, just check it out here. It’s crowdfunded, help us to make it real!

How does Radiooooo make money? We sound design cool places.

I love the Instagram platform – tell me more about the artwork selected for the channel…We always linked beautiful sounds and pictures, so record covers are a mine for this mix!

Give me your top 5 tracks that we should listen to…Very difficult question. Let’s say my last 5 tracks I like:
Polo&Pan – Zoom Zoom
Pete Drake & His talking steel guitar – Forever
Sports – Whatever you want
Comedian Harmonists – Quand il Pleut
Admas – Astawesalehu

Check out Radioooo and follow on Benjamin and his team on Instagram.